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I Used To Believe is a funny and bizarre collection of ideas that adults thought were true when they were children. It will remind you what it was like to be a child, fascinated and horrified by the world in equal parts. The following pages will reassure you that the things you used to believe weren't so strange after all...

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(This one isn't even from childhood, I was about 17 for this...) There's a doughnut shop I go to which sells "sour cream doughnuts" - that is, doughnuts with a little sour cream added to the batter to make it thicker. But apparently no one ever explained this to me; because at some point, after years of frequenting that doughnut shop, I had roughly this conversation with my mom:

ME: Oh no - I think they put sour cream doughnut holes in with the rest of ours!
MOM: So just don't eat them.
ME: But...they're all in the same box. Won't the sour cream rub off on the others?
MOM: ...
That's right - I'd been seeing those doughnuts in the display case and assuming that the standard white sugar glaze on them was, in fact, a light coating of sour cream. For years. I never questioned the idea that people would actually want to eat something like that - I've always been a picky eater, so I just assumed it was one of those food things I didn't "get".

Em (from food : sweeties)
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As a kid, I thought "No Outlet" signs meant the houses past that point didn't have any electrical outlets.

Julie (from neighbourhood : in the street)
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I used to think an avalanche was a type of bird native to the high mountains

Nina (from nature : weather)
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When my brother was four we visited a pond by my mother's workplace that ducks, and though I had been a many times before, for him it was the first time. Me and my siblings told him that we had been looking forward to this day for a long time and then explained that we had found him in this pond as a baby and that the Ducks were his real family and that when we left we were leaving him behind to be with them. At first he tried to argue that it couldn't be but we solemnly assured him it was all true. He totally believed it, dead serious and stared out into the lake and really thought about it and decided that being with his duck family was the right thing to do. When mom found out about our prank she quickly cleared everything up but he still acted weird for a while whenever he saw ducks.

His real sister (from people : lies)
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When I was young and folks or animals passed away at very old age my mother would say they "died of old age". I remember believing this was an actual cause of death, like there wasn't some disease or ailment caused by age that did it, but that an old thing literally just died with no traceable reason aside from the fact that they were old, as if there was no exact explanation and at a certain age all the organs just collectively shut down at once and the person just died. I believed this until I was 17 and can even remember the conversation that led to my realization that I was wrong.
"Great grandma passed on a month ago", I said.
"Oh no! What caused it?" The lady asked.
"Old age"
"Right but how did she die?"
"She died of old age"
My mother then pulled me aside to explain that just being old doesn't kill people, it's other real problems that come with it. I was so frustrated with my own cluelessness

A very confused person (from death : people)
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I convinced my little brother that bubbles were your possible futures and once you popped them, they were destined to happen to you. I told him that the reason you see a tiny version of yourself in them (your reflection) was because that was the future you but that I could see really well and only I could make out what they were. I would blow a bunch of bubbles and say there were a bunch of different futures in them sand watch him excitedly pop the ones that I told him were really good. Sometimes when he was acting up I'd tell him one of the bunch was bad and then watch him pop and bubble and shout "oh no! Not that one!" But then after he'd freaked out about whatever bad future I said would happen, tell him the next bubble undid it. Some of his bad futures were getting bad grades in school, growing up ugly, losing all his teeth, or just getting trouble for what he might have done that day. But the future that made him really lose it and meltdown was that he would fall in love and get married. For some reason that future was utterly unbearable to a five year old.

A really clever older sister (from people : lies)
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I heard the word "pundit" a lot when my parents watched the news, and figured it must be a type of comedian who used puns all the time. I thought it was short for "pun bandit".

Anon (from language : speaking)
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I used to think shell macaroni was sea shells.

Don Northrup (from food : nasty food)
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I used to believed that there was a big duck that lived in the river near my home. At midnight the big duck went out and ate every children that was not at home.

Alessio (from animals : birds)
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When I was a kid whenever I lost teeth everyone would say "Oh have you been kissing girls?".And then I thought if you kiss people the opposite gender your teeth will fall out and I was to scared to even kiss my mom.

Tyler (from body parts : general)
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