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I Used To Believe is a funny and bizarre collection of ideas that adults thought were true when they were children. It will remind you what it was like to be a child, fascinated and horrified by the world in equal parts. The following pages will reassure you that the things you used to believe weren't so strange after all...

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When I was little, hearing songs in other languages, I honestly thought they were just making noises with their mouths along with the music. I knew other languages existed but I often found these songs in English dubbed animes so I thought the people that made it English, so I thought the noises that were actually Japanese lyrics, were straight up just noises.

Anime lover (from language : speaking)
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The song called heart of glass mixed me up as a kid. I heard "Heart and ass".

oops (from music : misheard lyrics)
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I used to think that when you pray to god, he really would answer and you would hear it like a magical voice in your head. But every time I prayed, God never said anything back. I got upset. I thought he wasn't listening to me or I was a bad kid and that's why he wouldn't talk to me and everyone in the church would tell stories about how God changed their life and how prayer was so good for them and that just made it worse because I felt like the only one he wouldn't talk to. And since my mom told me that God knows everything, the only reason I thought God wasn't talking to me is because he already knew my future and I was going to be a bad person so he already didn't care for me and I was just destined for hell. Pretty dark huh? When I think back, i think maybe religion is just too extreme for children to really understand but then I'm an atheist so I still don't really get the point

Forsaken kid (from religion : prayers)
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When I was 8 and having my first communion, my mom put a white veil on me and I protested, saying "But this is for marrying. I'm not getting married."
Mom said "You're marrying God." Now I realize she just mean that this would make me closer to god but at the time it sounded awful. I got so upset and started crying saying "I don't wanna marry God." I thought that first communion meant you really actually married God, and you never got to fall in love with anyone else.

A troubled romantic (from religion : church)
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I thought that you could combine any two species of animals, didn't matter how different they were, and create really cool hybrids. I was constantly imagining up these hybrids thinking I'd be the one to really give it a go and discover all of them one day

Anon (from animals : general)
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When I was little, no one wanted to tell me about the concept of war and what is actually is, which is, let's face it, a bunch of people killing each other over things that were way too complicated for a kid to know anyway. So I thought that war was more like a fight and no one actually had to die. I visualized it like a martial arts tournament and the two sides would fight and then when someone cried "uncle!" it was over in a match, so no one really got hurt and after they counted up the score of winds and loses, it was over. As an advocate for standing up for yourself, I didn't understand why people weren't having these perfectly civilized competitions more often to solve their problems. Even when someone told me that war is about killing everyone on the other side and showed me a picture of a US soldier with a gun in his arm, at first I was confused. "But if everybody kills each other, there won't be any winners or losers, just dead people." Oh man I wish I had been right all along.

Anon (from the past : wars)
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My sister thought that cars didn't actually move. Instead, the whole world moved around us and a car was some magic object that made it happen somehow. Even stranger, she didn't think that the objects just traveled, moreover that they got up and walked with legs like people do. To her, it was such an adventure, as if the whole world was marching parade style past the windows every time we drove somewhere. Can you imagine how fun the world must have been in her head?

A very amused sibling (from at home : around the house)
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I thought the psychic powers were real and we all possessed some degree of it and just didn't know how to control it. I thought you could teach yourself to control it and eventually you could be a master at reading minds and moving things with just your thoughts. I practiced all the time!

Anon (from body functions : special powers)
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When I was a little kid I used to believe that the power rangers were reals so one while I watched the Rangers I punch the wall of my house believing it would break and obviously I broke my hand.

Andres Restrepo (from make-believe : monsters)
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My cousin's mom told my cousin that pop makes you short. He probably believed it.

Molly (from food : drinks)
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